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Hydrophobic aspheric foldable IOL is made from specially formulated hydrophobic material. Monomers used to produce material are of ultra – pure high quality to provide very high grade hydrophobic material. This material is specially formulated to create a balance between high refractive index, compression and fast unfolding time.

Features :
  • Aberration correcting aspheric foldable IOL.
  • 360 degree square edge design minimizes the risk of PCO
  • Can be implanted through sub 2.8 mm of incision
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity, sharpness and clarity in all lighting conditions
  • Smooth lens surface reduces bacterial adhesion and inflammatory cell response
  • Hybrid material with features of UV – A blocking
  • Ultra Pure material is produced using Zero Technology that eliminates the possibility of deposition of Calcium phosphate over a period of time unlike ordinary polymer due to Zero ionicity.


MaterialHydrophobic Acrylic
Optic TypeSingle Piece, 360° Square Edge
Optic Size6.0 mm
Overall Size12.50 mm / 13.00 mm
Refractive Index1.56
Estimated A-Constant117.8
Diopter Range8.0 to +30.0 D ( 0.5 D increment from +18 D to +25 D )
Implantation SiteCapsular Bag
Compatible CartridgesMJ


  • Mestro lens is available in a combo pack that contains a sterile cartridge and lens delivery system
  • Mestro lens is available in Medicel Preloaded Hydrophobic System

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