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Diffractive Multifocal with new apodized diffractive steps which can provide patient an excellent distance and near vision along with good intermediate vision without compromising contrast sensitivity.The aspheric surface integrated with diffractive profile is aberration correcting optic, which has been clinically proven to provide excellent vision in all conditions.


  • Asymmetric light distribution, 60% for distance & 40% for near, independent of pupil size.
  • Excellent distance and near vision along with good intermediate vision
  • Reduced glares and halos with unique apodized rings.
  • Improved visual outcomes in all lighting conditions
  • 360° Advanced Square Edge
  • Implantation through small incision to avoid surgery induced astigmatism

Additional Features

  • Near addition of +3.00 D
  • Surgery guided astigmatism not seen with sub 2.0 mm incision
  • Sharp and crystal clear vision
  • Depth of visual field is increased with zero aberration
  • Better contrast sensitivity because of aspheric optic
  • Improved mesopic and scotopic Vision
  • Improved image quality with negative spherical aberration
Material Hydrophilic Acrylic containing Natural Yellow Chromophore
Optic Type Single Piece, Diffractive,  360° Square Edge with Aspheric Optic
Near Addition +3.00 D
Optic Size 6.00 mm
Overall Size 12.50 mm
A Constant 118.2
Refractive Index 1.46
Diopter Range +3.0 D to +32.0 D ( with 0.5 D steps )
Implantation Site Capsular Bag
Sterilization Steam
Compatible Cartridges MJ

Packaging: I-xpert lens is available in a combo pack with disposable delivery system

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